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Our customers are partners in our business. We don't sell transportation services to you; we buy them on your behalf. Our customer's reward comes from the buying power that Profex has built over time. Every customer adds to this power and the benefit is entirely mutual.

Our Customer...

  • is our most important asset and we are committed to providing our customer with the highest quality transportation services.
  • has the right to clear and accurate information about our services and prices, along with the right to have every service expectation fulfilled.
  • has the right to be served by knowledgeable, concerned employees who perform as a team to provide quick and courteous replies to any enquiries.
  • has the right to be informed immediately when we are unable to meet their expectations.
  • has the right to complain and to receive quick and fair resolutions to issues and concerns.
  • has the right to be treated politely, honestly and with integrity.
  • has the right to hear "thank you."

Profex Logistics Services Inc has clearly defined goals. We believe that you need to know where you came from to know where you are going. Let our organization be a part of your team; give us a call!


Our Values

The market was in need of a service-oriented shippers' agent who was able to provide tailor-made services.
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