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Our high service standards and effective quality management systems were recognized when we became the first Third Party Logistics provider to qualify for the ISO 9001 standard. The benefits of dealing with an internationally accredited company are perfectly clear to the customer who is driven to deal preferentially with those companies that have an officially-recognized ability to deliver a top quality service under controlled and predictable conditions.

The ISO 9001 registration is in line with our ongoing effort and commitment to set the standard for third-party logistics services in Canada. The registration process provided an additional platform for the real purpose of the exercise, culminating into a constant and relentless search for improvement. This dedication to improvement is the current norm.

Profex makes absolutely certain that their customers receive the best available up-to-date service. The Homeland Security initiative in the U.S. is serious business and, in order to avoid costly delays at the border crossing points, we support C-TPAT and CSA approved carriers who qualify for the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program. To learn more about FAST please click on the on the logo below:

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Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Provide ongoing Quality training for all employees of Profex Logistics Services Inc.
  • Promote Total Customer Focus by all employees at all levels, at all times.
  • Promote Teamwork throughout the organization in order to employ the highest levels of knowledge and experience when solving customers' issues and problems.
  • Managing and measuring at all levels, based on facts and accurate data rather than personalities and opinions.
  • Ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Values

With our main partners, we have a commitment to be a world class provider of third-party logistics programs, customized to satisfy our customers' every requirement.
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